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Senzor vlažnosti zemlje


Analogni kontaktni senzor za merjenje vlage v zemlji.

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Finally, your plants can speak to you! Just don’t be upset when it’s only to let you know when they need something.

With this module, you can tell when your plants need watering by how moist the soil is in your pot, garden, or yard. The two probes on the sensor act as variable resistors. Water is conductive, so the more water in the soil, the better the conductivity and the lower the resistance with a higher SIG out.

Use it in a home automated watering system, hook it up to IoT, or just use it to find out when your plant needs a little love. Installing this sensor and its PCB will have you on your way to growing a green thumb!

Check below for links to how-to use this sensor.

Interface Description (4-wire)
1. VCC: 3,3 – 5 V
3. DO: digital output interface (0 and 1)
4. AO: Analog Output Interface

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LM393 datasheet

Simple how-to

Build an auto-watering system for plants

Or you can try this with an ESP8266 and upload data


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