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GPS razširitev za Raspberry (RPI GPS shield)


GPS nadgraditveni modul za Raspberry Pi 3 in vse nadaljne modele. Modul vsebuje NEO-6 u blox 6 GPS modul.

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1. Introduction

It is based on NEO-6 u blox 6 GPS module, compatible with Raspberry Pi 3. Plug it into Raspberry Pi 3. Upload correct codes to Raspberry Pi 3, and you can find your exact location within a few meters. It also provides you with a very accurate time! It can be used in car navigation, personal positioning, fleet management, navigation and so on.

2. Features

Use active GPS antenna.

With 40 pins, convenient to connect external devices.

Comes with screws, nuts, copper pillars, easy to fixed in Raspberry Pi.

3. Connection Method

To get started, hook the GPS module up to your Pi as follows, cross-connecting the TX and RX pins (TX on one device goes to RX on the other and vice versa), and supply 5V from the Pi to the VIN pin on the GPS module.



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